Burnt Out punks TV show fire incident set up by Tumba Ping Pong Show!!!!

Here by Burnt Out Punks strongly denies any involvement in the fire incident during their performance at the Jenny Strömstedt talkshow in TV 4.

Earlier today the Burnt Out Punks were to perform their burlesque fire act "Burn shit up". However they only made it through half the act when the backdrop mysteriously caught fire. At first it looked like a beautiful effect, which surprised not only the audience but also the Punks. Quite fast the Punks realised that the backdrop was actually burning and ran to the resque and put it out with fireestinguishers. The audience were escorted out and the fire deparment arrived.

There is no hard evidence but the Punks strongly suspects that the rivalary group Tumba Ping Pong show had something to do with the incident. They also performed at the talkshow and had been at the studio prior to the arrival of the Punks. The Tumba Ping Pong Show are known for their skills in visual effects and one of the members was seen carrying around a porytechnical firing device prior to the show..

By putting the Punks in a bad light, in the same TV show, they might look better than they actually are on TV...

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