Another great review!!!

We got another great review!!! This one is from Dagens Nyheter.
We love the fact that we are compared to Ettore Scolas film title "Dirty, ugly and mean (in our case Nice!)" and the world of Tintin!

Some extracts from the review:

"t's pompous, beyond all else, and I get to laugh for the excesses that go full circle, it's a bit of Captain Haddock harass and embrace, bombs and grenades throughout the entire gig."

"Burnt Out Punks do their own thing and if you like loud entertainment for the moment, it is perfectly okay. Fire against a dark sky is of course also unbeatable as visual effect and "The Stockholm Syndrome" final scene is more than a wealthy, buffé of fireworks on a gigantic scale with giant puffs of smoke in formation."

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