Great review in Svenska Dagbladet

After our dress rehearsal on Thursday evening we got a great review from Svenska Dagbladet! 

Some extracts from the review:

"..."The Stockholm Syndrome" a 70-minute journey through Fireland and Ragnarok, a mental, wacky cleansing."

"Subtopia is an organized rebellion. One attempt to overcome physical laws of gravity and sex. During two late nights have been invited group Burnt out punks during borderless burlesque forms embarks on taming the fire - or become part of it at all levels. As a force that divine element or as a symbol of life. Here is a thread where everyone is Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from the gods. The squad is acrobatic poets who write their message with letters of fire in the increasingly black summer sky over Botkyrkavägen paint with gigantic flames anarchic energy to heat beats through the night as an embrace with gasoline odor."

Click on link below for the whole review in swedish: