Burnt Out Punks invades London!

The Burnt Out Punks would like to welcome you in to their inner circle of organized chaos by inviting you to come watch one of their first ever London shows bringing the fire arts to such a new level that it will literally leave you blown away!


With the new show; The Stockholm syndrome 1.2 -The Burnt Out Punks present a hardcore fire-driven, petrol-fuelled, anarchic punk show with a unique mixture of theatre, circus and street art combined with a skilled display of fire arts, creating a stunning visual experience for the audience. Spectators of all ages are amused and sometimes confused by the close audience interaction with death defying stunts and the total lack of common sense! -Shouldn't they really know better?


-7th, 8th & 9th of September! –Clear your calendars!


Show times:

Friday The 7th of September 22:00
Saturday The 8th of September at 22:00
Sunday The 9th of September at 21:00


  Click here for more information at the National Royal Theatre