The Stockholm Syndrome (2005-2017)

The Show

The Stockholm Syndrome is a hardcore, fire-driven, petrol-fuelled, anarchistic punk comedy circus show. Whilst holding the audience hostage for 70 minutes they research the boundaries of normality and the psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express positive feelings towards their captors. The highlighted topics are; the role of the artist vs authority and the fine line between being creative and being destructive. Sometimes you have to burn things down in order to build them up again!

This show was created in 2005 and has evolved and grown ever since. More than 20 artists have been part of this collective. In 2017 the final show was performed in Stockholm. But who knows the 20 year anniversary is drawing close...

The Stockholm Syndrome at Watch This Space festival, London

In a time when people become suicidal bombers, setting themselves on fire to get their voices heard one of our goals is to hold mirror of laughter to the audience and have them take a closer look at themselves and who they are.

We want to point out that our entire society has been taken hostage. Our cultural norms and values affect how much the individual can effect the society. How the tight boundaries of normality controls people and deflects the general publics eyes from the serious problems of the world.


With all that said we would like the to leave the audience blown away by an unforgettable experience and new inspiration.

Based on nine artists and two technicians. A full arena production including sound, light and pyrotechnics. One stage containing six levels and 10 high meters of truss. Length: 70 min. For audiences of up to 10 000 persons.