Event Punk Acts

Burnt Out Punks company has a multitude of acts that can be booked as separate solo acts for your event. Some of them are part of the main shows and some are acts that are part of other punks concepts. Below is a selection of acts to choose from. More acts are available then shown here. Please contact us for more suggestions to suit your demands.

Fire acts

Let us spice up your event with a fireact. A great way to make your event more energized. We can deliver anything from a Punk solo to all of us. We can include fakirism and comedy or just keep it more spectacular and beautiful. As U wish.


Lenght: 5 – 20 min

Comedy acts

El Generales Fakir School

El Generale Houdini and the Fire Barrel of Death 


Circus Acts

Pomm Fritzl and his Burning Chainsaw of Death (Chainsaw juggling)

Mr Magnificent and his Chairs of death (Balancing chairs and handstand)

Cat-A-Comb and her Counter weight chain act 


Inferno as Coco Belle performing Pink Perhaps & Fuck the Pain Away

Inferno as Coco Belle performing Black Magic Woman