Event Concepts

Club night

Burnt Out Punks Club Night is something entirely unique.


We combine a crazy DJ set with insane and spontaneous performances. We make your party rock like it has never rocked before! -Back to back DJ-ing guarantees that everybody at the party will have left the party and heard their favorite music.


Party with the Punks and you will have a party that U will always remember!


Length: All night long or until "last man standing"

Bachelor/bachelorette party

If you are looking for a something special and really fun for your Bachelor or Hen party then you have just found it!


Come with your friends and visit us at our home and training space where all the magic happens! -The Punks hangar where we will give you experiences for life! We will give you a crash course in being a Punk, also including a circus and fakir workshop.


-The one to wed gets to perform with us as well as with the whole group!


Lenght: 2-4 hrs

The Baenzaii Hump Karaoke Night

Do you want to spice up your party with some karaoke?


Then U should hire the KJ (Karaoke Jockey) with a black belt: Beanzaii Hump. You and all your guests will have your 15 min of fame over and over again. Make Karaoke the theme of your party or have it as part of the night.



Length: 1 hr. - all night long

Be A Punk for a day

Burnt Out Punks fire Punk for a Day Burnt Out Punks fire Punk for a Day

Have you ever dreamed of running away with the circus?


Well now you can! -At least for a day with the Punks. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey during which you will hang out, learn, perform and party with the Punks! Look behind the curtains of show business and get to know the Punks behind their characters. It is one in a lifetime opportunity! Come join the punk's circus!


Lenght: All day and possible all night.