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We are auto financed. So we depend on not only our own hard work but that of others. Photographers, mechanics, coaches, circus mamas, chefs, artists , friends and many more reach out to us and help us realize our dream. Our Punk family is constantly growing and your are welcome to join it! 


To the left U see some of our extended family and different ways U can join and support us. As a fan, private person or a business. 

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Thanks to all our supporters the Kickstarter project was a success and now you can see the first episode of 'Life As A Punk' on our Youtube channel:

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The release was celebrated with a ass kicking party at Punkshangaren last Saturday. Biggest sponsor of the kickstarter project, Swedish hip hop legends JustD, played some of their best stuff, weird things got tattooed by weird people on weird places and the police stormed the party, all as it should be...