Burnt Out Punks is a diverse group of passionate and crazy circus artists, technicians and producers. Their roles overlap and their love for entertaining and making the world a better place joins them together in an international touring circus company. They travel with their own post-apocalyptic universe. A world consisting of a Scania bus from 1962 filled with freaks, safety containers with explosives, tons of props, ropes, lights, sound system, scenography and 30 meters of aerial truss. Together with a minivan and a custom built six level trailer stage the Punks set it all on fire!


Since 2005 they have have played for more than 500,000 people, in 16 countries.

The unique mixture of theatre, circus and street art combined with a skilled display of fire arts and pyrotechnics creates a stunning visual experience for audiences of several thousands of people. Spectators of all ages are amused and sometimes confused by close audience interaction, death defying stunts and a total lack of common sense! With decades of experience in dance, theatre and modern circus we take fire arts to a higher level.


Their shows can be performed for large audiences or for a more intimate crowd.



With the new grand show; The Stockholm Syndrome - Burnt Out Punks present a a hardcore, fire-driven, petrol-fuelled, anarchistic punk comedy circus show. Whilst holding the audience hostage for 70 minutes they research the boundaries of normality and the psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express positive feelings towards their captors. The highlighted topics are; the role of the artist vs authority and the fine line between being creative and being destructive. Sometimes you have to burn things down in order to build them up again!